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Models / Bloggers / Photographers NatalieWells and Cristina Mistwalker began this new adventure WeHeartSLFashion with the idea of creating a platform for fashion in the virtual world of Second Life.

Both Natalie and Cristina have acquired valuable experience in the fashion industry in SL working and collaborating with designers, models and photographers. Now they wish to share their passion for fashion and hope you all enjoy it.

Something about NatalieWells:

Hello everyone! My name It’s NatalieWells, I am a Skin Designer, photographer & model inworld.

I won’t say too much about me. If you want to know more about me, just ask.

You can find me with NatalieWells name inworld.


Here you can find my skins store: Deesse’s Skins - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Celaeno/220/104/28

Also at our store we have monthly different Limited Skins.


I am a photographer too. If you need any photo, please contact me.

Here is my Flickr:http://www.flickr.com/photos/natalie_wells/

Also I’ll show you some info’s that you need to know:

.••.Who I am.••.
• Hello everyone! My name It’s NatalieWells, i am skin & mesh clothes designer, photographer and model. I just love to do photography.

.••.What’s my style?.••.

.••.What’s my rates & what i do.••.

•Personal pictures, profile pictures or modeling portfolio:
•Contest entry photos

2000L for FULL-BODY

1000L for HEADSHOT.

For every person i will take 300L

• Commercial pictures, vendor pictures, AD’s:

I will accept maximum 4 models.

.••.If you want a photo••.
• Frist of I want to all thank you that you chosen me to do your pictures!
• Please send me inworld a notecard with your name and i will talk back to you ASAP.

.••.What I DON’T do.••.

• I don’t do any in-world pictures, so don’t ask me for it!
• I don’t choose what you will wear for pictures, that’s your choice.

.••.About PAYMENT.••.

• Half of the rate should be paid at the time of booking.
• The other half should be paid after i give you the  picture.

.••.About REFUND••.

• I don’t refund the money back in case you don’t like the picture, because i work almost 4 hours for every picture. So be sure before choose me, look at my flickr, pictures etc.

.••.Things that you need to know••.

• All pictures will be delivered with full permissions that means: copy, transfer, modify and if requested, by E-mail.
• Please tell me if you need any special format siez (1024x1024, 512x512, 1024x512 etc.), if you don’t, the default size will be 1024x1024 and rarely 512x512
• When you come to shot, you need to have the outfit/s ready. Please don’t make me waiting for you.


• In-World: NatalieWells
• Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/natalie_wells/
• E-mail: natalie.wells01@yahoo.com

Something about Cristina Mistwalker:

Hello, my name is Cristina Mistwalker. I became a Second Life resident in December 2009. My first few months inworld i spent potting around…as you may say, but eventually i found my passion and the reason I’m still enjoying and developing my persona in this virtual world I’ve learned to love.

I’m a certified model since April 2011, and a blogger since November 2010. I have recently began working on the creation of poses so if you need any custom work just drop me a notecard or send me an email cristinamistwalker@gmail.com

Like I mentioned before I’ve been a blogger for a quite a  while now. I began with my own blog www.mysecondlifeinfashion.blogspot.com but currently I’m also collaborating on http://bestyledistrict.wordpress.com/, http://highfashionsl.wordpress.com/, http://fanshoppinggroup.wordpress.com/ and http://drezzup.wordpress.com/.

This last collaboration started as a monthly photographic spread in the InWorld Lifestyle Magz that recently evolved into a Styling House where more than 10 designers offer their wonderful creations for only L$50.

If you want to know more about me check out my social media links:








There you have it!!! Anything else you need to know please send me an email: cristinamistwalker@gmail.com


About us

About us